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At RODS Construction our aim is to be a preferred service provider in the Civil Construction industry by providing quality service by delivering successful projects. We strive to supply the best trained staff who will deliver the best results, and to grow our brand to be preferred within the Civil Construction industry

Our Teamwork policy is the backbone to our success in the Civil and Roadworks industry. We value and promote teamwork in our approach to all our work and projects. We also adhere to a strict confidentiality policy in all the work we undertake for our clients. Our understanding of the Civils industry allows us to tailor make solutions for clients as well as identify growing needs within this diverse sector. RODS Construction is all about performance and we stand by our clients to the end, engaging and raising the bar at every level of expectation.

Environmental Sustainability

Our natural and built environment is at great risk. Water, energy, and fuel sources are being depleted; flora, fauna and marine species are being extinguished. Global warming, ecological disasters and threats to the food chain bear ill for the continued existence of human kind. Protecting the environment and fostering social wellbeing by companies is high on the agenda of RODS Construction and even more social movements. Certainly, as with mining, energy and other industries that impact adversely on the environment, companies in the civil construction industry are now liable for doing much more. RODS Construction is fully and actively committed to the protection of our natural and built environments, and to ensure minimal impact by our work and projects. Every member of the company is fully aware of the need to protect our environment and is cognisant of the impact of both the company and our respective individual behaviours in this regard.

Client Department of Transport
Description Upgrade of Main Road P749
Location Umzimkhulu
Client University of Kwazulu Natal
Description Bulk Wet Services upgrade at UKZN
Location Howard College, Durban